RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter

Functional Description
  The I-2541 is an RS-232/422/485 to fiber optic converter that secures data transmission by using fiber optic transmission to provide immunity from EMI/RFI interference. The I-2541 is used for RS-232/422 point-to- point connections and RS-485 multi-drop applications for transmitting a signal up to 2 Km(6,600 ft), and is the perfect solution for applications where transmission must be protected from electrical exposure, surges, lightning or chemical corrosion. 
Fiber Port: ST (Multi-mode) 
Wave Length: 850 nm 
Fiber Cable: 62.5/125 μm
Speed: “Self Tuner” , auto switching baud rate, 300~115200 bps 
Extend transmission distance up to 2 Km. 
Isolation voltage: 3000Vdc
Optical isolation: 3570Vrms
Dimensions: 32.30 x 99.00 x 77.50 mm (w x h x d)
Power requirement: Unregulated +10Vdc ~ +30Vdc. 
Power consumption: 2.0W max