Three-way Isolated RS-485 to 3 port RS-485 Hub

Functional Description
The I-7513 is a 3-Channel RS-485 Active Star Wiring Hub. The unit has three independent RS485 output channels, each with their own driver, which can transmit signals across 4,000 ft (1200m). of cable on each channel.
The I-7513 includes both Hub and Repeater functions, so each output channel can be connected to another  hub. 
The isolation site of the I-7513 is located in the input and output interface circuit. In other words, the I-7513 is a three- way isolation module.  
Input: RS-485. (two wire, D+, D-)
Output: 3-channel RS-485. (two wire, D+, D-)
Speed: “Self Tuner” , auto switching baud rate, 300~115200 bps
Three-way Isolation voltage: 3000 Vdc
Power consumption: 2.2W max.