Analog Output Module

Analog Output 
Photo-isolation: 3750 Vrms
Channels: 1
Output type: mA, V
Output range: 0 to 20mA , 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V 16-bit resolution
Accuracy: 0.02% of FSR 
Read back accuracy: 1% of FSR 
Resolution: 0.002% of FSR 
Zero drift:  
                  Voltage output: 10uV/C
                  Current output: 0.2uA/C 
Span temperature Coefficient: 5ppm/ C
Programmable output slope:  
0.125 to 1024 mA/second
0.0625 to 512 V/second
Current load resistance: 
Internal power: 500 ohms 
External 24V: 1050 ohms
Isolation: 3000Vdc
Communication Interface
Power  Supply
Input: + 10 to + 30Vdc